Saturday, December 24, 2011


This year i really don't know what i want for christmas! I say that i wan't stuff but then it changes..... this year i guess it's just about family for me....

Monday, November 7, 2011


k time goes by sooooo fast i swear it was Saturday yesterday!!! well good news i am walking in a walking boot now!!! oh and here is my favorite singer Christina grimmie she is way pretty and the video is adorable.... the brother does something special for his little sis (click the link!)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

my abc skills....

i have friend that did this on her blog... i want to try it out....
Age: almost 14
Bed size: queen
Crazy habits: sleeping with the tv on.
Dogs: noooo..... but my big brother has one!
Essential Part of Your Day: Brushing my teeth and listening to Maroon 5 ( favorite band)
Favorite color: Blue
Gold or silver: silver
Height: 5 foot & 5 inches ( i grew a whole inch since 7th grade)
Instraments i have played: Piano and the violen 
Job title: don't have a job....
Knitting needle: i am terrified of needles....
Live: in a small town
Money: Money doesn't make everything better in life.
Nicknames: call me kels
Overnight hospital stays: yes in 2nd before thanksgiving
Pet peeves: Girls who act dumb, snotty rich people, Lights on during a movie, People touching my hair,  and when people don't use the round-about correctly and don't park straight.
Qoute from a movie: "Behind that fence is the beast.... if your baseball goes over, it's gone forever" - The Sandlot
Right handed or left: right
Siblings: 1
Time you wake up: 6 am
Up hill or down hill: down, its easier to walk
Vegetable you hate: all
What songs do you like: you make me feel- Cobra starship, Vanilla Twilight- owl city, This Love- maroon 5, and Undisclosed desires- muse
Xrays you have had done: my foot
Yummy food i make: Toaster waffles
Zoo animal: monkeys!!! :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

First full day of school...

Well today was my first day of full days now. I can honestly say that I like my A day classes better...they just seem more fun. So the office changed all my classes to different class periods... I was really confused. So I went to my regular classes and I kinda figured it out when my name wasn't called on the roll for Pollocks class. Well another full day on tuesday!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

places i want to visit....



                                                                           Dublin, Ireland



                                                                      Wales U.K.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

another update

so on wednesday we went to the doctors again for my foot. When they called me back there the nurse/assistant lady cut open the big cast that was from surgery. When i saw where they had cut i was kind of creeped out. Then when Dr. Reber came in to put the new cast on he said,  "kelsie i need you to bend your foot up so we can put the new cast on." so as he is bending my foot up (which hurt by the way) he kept saying "a little bit more." and it was to the point where it hurt to even touch my foot. I also wasn't able to bend it anymore...But he kept telling me "you can do it, just a little bit more." It almost was like when you go to the dentist and the dentist says, "open big!" when you know for a fact that you can not open your mouth any bigger.... wow. this has been a crazy week. Next week when i go to the doctor they will be taking my stiches out... Yeah.... i'm not very happy about that.